Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sons of DHTMLX and Spring #4

Episode 4: Fruit for the Crows
Apologies for the long wait from the last post as I've been involved in a three weeks wild goose chase.
Every company has a character who presents themselves as an expert while at the same time there are clear signals that they do not know very much on a subject.  
A customer made an agreement with one of this experts which was nicknamed Nyohkee.
I don't know very much about this guy, he can be the Greatest American Hero for all I know.  After attending his presentation which was full of colorful slides and catchy phrases such as "You have to spend money to make money" he came to my desk with a song and dance that there was the opportunity to attract new customers.
My first thought was to blow this Popsicle stand as I had a feeling that the discussion was not going to go anywhere but the customer recommended to support any request even if the solution does not meet the potential client needs. End of discussion.
In the next three weeks, including Sundays, I proceeded on the wild goose chase constantly feeling the pressure from Nyohkee. The morning before the presentation an announcement was made that the client meeting was cancelled.

Now it is time to introduce the next episode.
This post introduce another feature of the DHTMLX Spring Adapter which provides  a server side programming model using one of the nicest feature of the DHTMLX library: the ability to create the components using an XML representation. This feature gives the ability to package your  components in JAR files and reused simply including them in your web application library folder.
For example to include a DHTMLX form in a web page, you can use the code below: 
  1. <div id="bookForm" style="height:500px;"></div>

  2. <script>
  3. var bookForm;
  4. function initialize() {
  5.     myForm = new dhtmlXForm("bookForm");
  6.     myForm.loadStruct("/app/book/server");
  7. }
  8. </script>

The project has been formally renamed to DHTMLX Spring Link and it is available on Google Code at:


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